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Sun.Star Davao: Mindfulness and respect

This article can also be accessed here… http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/opinion/2012/05/05/estremera-mindfulness-and-respect-219955 “FOR those who are ready and willing, we can teach you vermiculture,” Ma’am Betty of Kinaiyahan Foundation said to a group of Matigsalugs in sitio Guilon, one Thursday afternoon. Four hands came up, to which Ma’am Betty … Continue reading Sun.Star Davao: Mindfulness and respect

The Talaandig and Daraghuyan tribes of Bukidnon

There are opportunities that I simply cannot resist. This study about the tribes of Bukidnon is among them. It gave me an opportunity to sit down with them and their leaders, and learn a little about where they are coming from. http://www.growingforestpartnerships.org/impact-of-protected-areas-indigenous-communities-thailand-and-philippines http://www.growingforestpartnerships.org/sites/growingforestpartnerships.org/files/Philippines%20PA%20report%20received%2029Nov11.pdf Meet Bae … Continue reading The Talaandig and Daraghuyan tribes of Bukidnon