Artists and artisans of Bali

It was my first time in Bali and we only had one day to go around after spending three days at the Bali Convention Center in Nusa Dua, which was a bit on the expensive side. No, not a bit. Expensive, period.

That day in Ubud, however, was awesome. So awesome, it rankles on your nerves. No wonder it’s where Julia Roberts found love in Eat Pray Love.

Bali is an art haven. But what rankles on the nerves is that, the Balinese has imbibed art into their lives, it’s no big deal to them. Everyone is an artist, it’s so commonplace, you’d start to wonder, why can’t it be likewise at home. Filipinos have palaspas, but we only see the art of weaving coconut fronds during Palm Sunday. Not in Bali. They’re buntings are made of woven coconut fronds not those plastic flaglets we have at home.

Our drivers, who enjoys bringing tourists around, was once a stone carver in his youth. It’s something just about every male high school student does, to earn a little for his education.

You’d be surrounded by art, even their grounds start to look like a painting to you.

Indulge… just as I indulged on that one day tour… I’ll be back.


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