Sun.Star Davao: Preserving heritage, respecting the past

I’m trying to catch up with postings that I should’ve done in the weeks I was absent. This one came out in Sun.Star Davao on April 8, 2012 and tells about my Cebu trip that saw me joining a walking tour of heritage houses and museums.

IF THERE is any place outside Manila that has deserved to have its own walking tour on heritage sites, it is Cebu with its history and relics going back to the Spanish period.

Nurturing a fascination for old houses since I can’t remember when, there was always that feeling of anticipation whenever I see familiar landmarks going toward that very old house at a street corner, whenever my work brings me to Cebu. Read more…

The Yap-Sandiego ancestral home.

Who would have thought that a chunk of Cebu history is hidden behind these metal bars?

The entrance to the Jesuit House now called Museo Parian not because of the “pari” that the Jesuits are, but because the place is in Parian, Cebu. Parian were areas allocated by the Spaniards to unconverted Chinese in the pueblos they settled in during the Spanish colonization.

This marker on the wall dates the building.

This May 20, 1946 Los Angeles newspaper was stripped from beneath the paint. Apparently sheets of newspapers pasted on wooden panel walls were once used as present-day primer paint. The date of the newspaper gives a hint at when the building was last repainted.

A sewing machine, an altar of the Mother Mary, a chamber pot and a baby’s cradle, and a GE electric fan were among the many appliances, furnitures, and furnishings inside:

More details of the interior and exterior:

The uneven portion on the wall that is on the original front street (that is now but an alley) gives credence to a story that there was once a different entrance that was walled over by a worker who killed his priest-masters.


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