Sun.Star Davao: Finally, real life skills

Sorry for that long silence. I was skipping all over the place, I could’t even sneak in my one hour a day blog. But I’m back, and here’s my Sunday cover story in Sun.Star Davao, just clicked on the link below this. And since this is my blog, then I’ve peppered this with photos of the meeting of Matigsalug farmers of sitios Guilon, Lapinig, and Malikongkong in barangay Marilog in the district of Marilog of Davao City where they assessed their experiences with the sloping agricultural land technology (Salt) after one year.

Mingling with these people always brings new insights. But most striking all the time is their eagerness to learn. So eager, you can see it in their eyes.


Thus, even as I listened to their stories, I was snapping portraits of their expressions.

Their expressions, matched with their sun-darkened skin was a visual delight any photographer would have loved to have in their portfolios.

No flash, just the very bright sun piercing through the doorway and windows of the tiny day care center in sitio Guilon, where the meeting was held.

The exposure deliberately cranked lower than ideal to make their eyes and expressions stand out.

Of course, that limited your choice of subjects to those hit by the natural light, but so what? For as long as you get the best.

As you follow the thread of the discussion and the people’s attention from left…

… to right…

… and center.


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