Sun.Star Davao: Wisdom from trees, poetry from nature

It’s a Sunday again and here’s my Sunday article in Sun.Star Davao that tells the story of farmer and forest guide Rene “Tatay Ete” Vendiola, who used to practice slash-and-burn farming but became known as a forest protector and restorer. The photos are not mine. The ones in the newspaper where Tatay Ete is […]

Sun.Star Davao: Finally, real farmers

Here’s the Sunday cover story of Sun.Star Davao. The story tells more about our friends, the Matigsalugs, one of the original residents of Davao City who now live in the fringes… After 40 years, agricultural technology finally reached their upland villages, the sloping agricultural land technology. The message on the boy’s shirt seems to […]

Sun.Star Davao: Padre Ninno’s goodies

My Goin’ Places article last Sunday in Sun.Star Davao features Father Franco Uras, of the Boystown pizza fame, who has since found a farm in the borderlands of Davao and Bukidnon to tend to a ministry for the children of indigenous peoples with his pizza and pasta sauces… Father Franco Uras (in checkered shirt) […]