Sun.Star Davao: Padre Ninno’s goodies

My Goin’ Places article last Sunday in Sun.Star Davao features Father Franco Uras, of the Boystown pizza fame, who has since found a farm in the borderlands of Davao and Bukidnon to tend to a ministry for the children of indigenous peoples with his pizza and pasta sauces…

Father Franco Uras (in checkered shirt) and Davao City agirculture officer in charge Leo Avila III.

The landmark to Father Franco’s place. Look for this sign and stop by the roadside. 

One of two passionfruit vine covered huts where you can take your refreshments in.

The tomato and herb breads are being prepared to be served.


Herb bread.

The chip on my epsresso mug just gave it more character.

The olive tree.

The laurel tree.

A very healthy basil plant.

The lush leaves of a rosemary bush.

Nespolo, an Italian fruit that thrives in the cold weather of Marilog District.


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