Digong unchanged

Sorry, I’ve been very busy the past days, and I haven’t visited my blog. So, let me just share with you my column article in Sun.Star Davao about my last meet-up with the President. Here’s the link to the article: http://www.sunstar.com.ph/davao/opinion/2017/09/02/estremera-digong-unchanged-561931 But since, you’re already here, here’s the full text, and unlike my column article, this […]

Baganga at last (More Pablo wastelands)

Like Cateel, Baganga is also an old town, thus there were still a few old wooden houses there, pre-Pablo. Not anymore. From Bislig, where we were assured of concrete and landslide-free road, Baganga is around three hours and 20 minutes father down south through the eastern seaboards of Southeastern Mindanao. A total of 410 km […]

Portraiture… of the underwater kind

We’re still underwater, from my collection of years ago. Since we’ve already tackled “connections”, here are some of those photos I most treasure because of the subjects’ seeming willingness to have their portraits taken. It’s a joy to establish such connection with creatures in the wild. Like crabby crabs… Of different kinds. All of them […]

Conversation series: Cuttlefish plays seaweed

Underwater critters make the best camouflage, and had it not for that strange feeling that something was watching you, this cuttlefish of Kaputian Beach in the Island Garden City of Samal would have gone unnoticed. It’s one of those times when you stop and stare, and stare again, before finally making eye contact, while cuttlefish […]