Portraiture… of the underwater kind

We’re still underwater, from my collection of years ago.

Since we’ve already tackled “connections”, here are some of those photos I most treasure because of the subjects’ seeming willingness to have their portraits taken.

It’s a joy to establish such connection with creatures in the wild.

Like crabby crabs…

Of different kinds. All of them caught at mid-flight, staring.

The mantis shrimp, dangerous as it is, pauses for a while before disappearing underground.

A hinge-beaked shrimp giving a full frontal.

A tomato clown anemone fish seconds before it attacks to protect its territory.

A puffer resting on a soft coral.

My favorite of them all, in a pose I can no longer replicate.. the elegant mandarin fish looking straight at the camera.

Indeed, to establish connection with nature is a joy to behold and these are but a few of the joy the underwater world has shared. How much longer will they be down there to showcase a world so different from ours? For as long as we keep our oceans clean… At the rate we are dumping wastes and silt into it, however, this beauty may no longer be there for the next generation to behold.



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