Sharing victory

Just sharing the news about the results of the EU Peace Journalism Awards. although I wasn’t able to attend, I value this award. EU Delegation to the Philippines and Partners congratulate the winners of the EU Peace Journalism Awards The Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines together with its partners congratulated the winners […]

Portraiture… of the underwater kind

We’re still underwater, from my collection of years ago. Since we’ve already tackled “connections”, here are some of those photos I most treasure because of the subjects’ seeming willingness to have their portraits taken. It’s a joy to establish such connection with creatures in the wild. Like crabby crabs… Of different kinds. All of them […]

Conversation series: Cuttlefish plays seaweed

Underwater critters make the best camouflage, and had it not for that strange feeling that something was watching you, this cuttlefish of Kaputian Beach in the Island Garden City of Samal would have gone unnoticed. It’s one of those times when you stop and stare, and stare again, before finally making eye contact, while cuttlefish […]

Help! How’d you work with Smartbro on a Mac OS X Lion?

Sorry, I missed updating my blog. I’ve been away where my only Internet connection should’ve been my old reliable Smartbro plug-it. Except that… this one pops up on the screen. Of course, I couldn’t report it since I don’t have any connection… like duh? So I waited offline until I was again connected and googled […]

Cartoon lessons

Dick’s favorite victim-to-be Penelope Pitstop; Rufus Ruffcut on the Buzz Wagon; the Bullet Proof Bomb by The Ant Hill Mob (those cute little mosters called Clyde, Ding-a-Ling, Zippy, Rockets, Snozzy, Softy [yes, a mobster who doesn’t have the heart to be one]); Ring-a-Ding Convert-a-Car driven by Prof. Pat Pending, a vehicle that constantly changes shape and looked like some lab experiment; the Turbo Terrific driven by Peter Perfect, who was always trying to woo Penelope Pitstop; the Creepy Coupe driven by Gruesome Twosome (Big and Little Gruesome), their car looking like a haunted house; the Bouldermobile driven by the Slag Brothers named Rock and Gravel (these cavemen brothers powered their car by hitting their heads with clubs)…