Letters that touch the heart – 1

There are letters that touch the heart; letters you never expect.

This one was an article written by an elementary school student in one of the writing workshops for the district press conference in Davao in 2008.

The elementary and secondary press conference is an annual activity staged by the Department of Education for campus journalists from elementary to high school.

I took a photo of it having been touched by the note at the bottom and wanting to share it with friends. But since I knew the grammar was imperfect, I deliberately did not include the part where the student’s name was written. I thought it was inappropriate to share the child’s identity.

Looking at the letter today, however, four years later, I regretted not having included the name if only for my files. The original paper has long been lost and all I have is the photograph of the letter. I cannot help but wonder, how is this child doing? It could be that he or she is in senior year now in high school, or maybe he or she is now a college freshman. What would the child be taking up as a college course? Had he or she really pushed through with his/her dream to become a writer?

All these will remain a question although I can only derive inspiration from the realization that at one time in this child’s life, he or she was inspired by me.


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