Help! How’d you work with Smartbro on a Mac OS X Lion?

Sorry, I missed updating my blog. I’ve been away where my only Internet connection should’ve been my old reliable Smartbro plug-it. Except that… this one pops up on the screen.

Of course, I couldn’t report it since I don’t have any connection… like duh? So I waited offline until I was again connected and googled about what the problem is. I read a lot of similar questions where those who replied said they had the same problem and what they did was to download and install the latest java version. I did, from the Appstore at that, to make sure I’d get what my Macbook Air needs. I installed it following the wizard, and was confident I’d be able to surf with my stick again.

Insert USB, run… and…

I’m out of ideas here… can somebody help please? I also already clicked “Report” but am still waiting for an official reply, as well… In the meantime, my Smartbro lies useless.


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