Sun.Star Davao: Field of frogs

My Sunday article on a field of frogs carved on rocks and earth is the March 4, 2012 Pullout Section main story of Sun.Star Davao, but it’s not available online since the article works best with photos. And so I am uploading the article here, and sharing with you the photos that went with it.

WHAT wonders are hidden in our city? You would never know if you do not explore.

Waterfalls? We have them aplenty, but you have to walk mountain trails for that.

And then there is this field of frogs.

That’s my friend Trisha made to pose so to give scale of how vast the land is… and there are more frog sculptures from where I am shooting.

It was buddy Kublai who alerted us about it after discovering this field in one of his explorations in the byways of the city.

We hastily organized an excursion of sorts, but after seeing the hundreds of frogs in all forms and sizes carved out of hardened soil and limetone, we agreed to keep the location a secret.

My buddy Kublai Millan, the wanderer and artist.

First, we were told it is private land, although it is deserted and undeveloped for now. Second, the artwork, vast hills and slopes of them, can easily be vandalized if not eroded by a stampede of visitors.

Suffice it to say that we found it and it awed us for the frogs were huge, some bigger than humans, others bigger than your biggest home décor, and others just a little bit taller than your ottoman, all of them carved from the ground.

Kublai, however, would want to appeal to the owners to preserve what has been carved, maybe put up some railings to keep off people from stepping and destroying these creations, and best of all, spend a little to coat these creations in resin to combat erosion.

We were told that the frogs were carved by a backhoe operator who died a few years ago. But that’s the story of the residents in the area, we have no way of confirming this information since we do not know the landowners nor the family of whoever the carver was. It appears that he was not a resident of the place.


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