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I returned two days later, travelled the almost 300 kilometers to Cateel, Davao Oriental in the company of some telecoms officials from the Smart Communication who were bringing in volunteers from the Telecoms sans Frontieres (TSF) from Bangkok to set up a public calling station … Continue reading Wasteland

The Talaandig and Daraghuyan tribes of Bukidnon

There are opportunities that I simply cannot resist. This study about the tribes of Bukidnon is among them. It gave me an opportunity to sit down with them and their leaders, and learn a little about where they are coming from. http://www.growingforestpartnerships.org/impact-of-protected-areas-indigenous-communities-thailand-and-philippines http://www.growingforestpartnerships.org/sites/growingforestpartnerships.org/files/Philippines%20PA%20report%20received%2029Nov11.pdf Meet Bae … Continue reading The Talaandig and Daraghuyan tribes of Bukidnon