Agnes Locsin’s “Puno: Ang Ikatlong Galaw”

It’s always an honor and a big challenge to be allowed to take photos of a production by Davao’s ballet master, Agnes Locsin. The bigger challenge being that she prohibits the use of flash, and as my show of respect to her, I likewise only use manual focus so as not to trigger that bright light autofocus beams out to track the image it’s trying to put in focus. That and the few yellow lights to light up the stage, makes for a lot of adjustments while making sure the camera is all set to click when a certain movement is rendered.

Puno ran for three days, starting Friday, July 28, 2012. I watched the first show but only had my Canon G9 point and shoot camera, which any photographer would know does not have the sensor size that can give crisp images when zoomed in, especially in low light. It’s also too light, a slight movement of your hand will affect the sharpness. Thus, I watched anew on the last night, this time with my Nikon D90. It was bliss.

For the article I wrote for Sun.Star Davao published July 29, 2012, click here:


2 thoughts on “Agnes Locsin’s “Puno: Ang Ikatlong Galaw”

  1. What a great opportunity. Dancers are so expressive. Your shots came out great under what must have been difficult lighting conditions. Congratulations on the article.

    Thanks for sharing.

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