Nothing wrong

(This article was first published inmy column at Sun.Star Davao on February 10, 2019. []. But to make it more fun for this blog, I’m posting here some file photos of my adventures and misadventures). THROUGH the 15 years as editor-in-chief and eight years as some other kinds of editor of Sun.Star Davao, friends and […]

Sun.Star Davao: Are you in touch with your sense of hilas?

Hilas is a Visayan word meaning immoral, immodest, vulgar, nasty… but it means more than that. It’s one of those words that is embedded with nuances not carried over by mere translation into English. This is just one of those stuff shared a lot in social networks such that we no longer know from […]

Sun.Star Davao: That’s just the way it is

This is my Sunday’s column at Sun.Star Davao telling the story of young boys in the hinterland villages of Davao City…. and since this is a blogsite, then you get an extra. Photos of the little boys. Jason as a participant to an art workshop my buddy Kublai and I held for children of […]