Incidental pose

We have just stepped out of Cafe Toscano in Mexico City after listening to a university professor talk about his country’s history and present-day politics.

I saw the writings on the pavement and decided to take a photo of it along with my feet. Like this:


The little Spanish left of my Spanish subjects in college told me it means, Our Mexico of the Future, but I just want to make sure that the muy poquito Espanol I got was right, and so I googled its translation and stumbled into what this is really all about. It’s a movement.

“Our Mexico of the Future is a social movement, non-partisan and inclusive, unprecedented on a national scale that has called on all Mexicans to express their vision of Mexico in which they would like to live,” reads the website

“This movement, built by Mexicans, has been able to collect millions of visions, which were compiled in the book Nuestro México del Futuro, the only book written by millions of Mexicans looking to change the course of the country and who was handed over to the presidential candidates 2012,” the website continues.

Todate, the website has already gathered 11,350,000 visions. And all I saw at first was a writing on the pavement, which interested me enough to take a photo of it along with my feet…


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