Author: saestremera

A journalist, a reluctant adventurer, a photographer, a scuba diver -- (the real deal and not some self-proclaimed expert on this and that), who dabbles in painting and guitar-playing and now has explored into working on the culture of a work place as officially the Culture Officer of Mountain Haven Development Inc.... and energy healing.

Nothing wrong

(This article was first published inmy column at Sun.Star Davao on February 10, 2019. []. But to make it more fun for this blog, I’m posting here some file photos of my adventures and misadventures). Whitewater kayaking on Davao River when the Davao Crocodile Park … Continue reading Nothing wrong


Here's another article I wrote that was published in Sun.Star Davao. It's a story about how things will fall into place like from some Divine hand when the intentions are pure. I'm sharing here the full story and the photos of the photo-art exhibit … Continue reading MindanaOnce