Author: saestremera

A journalist, a reluctant adventurer, a photographer, a scuba diver -- (the real deal and not some self-proclaimed expert on this and that), who dabbles in painting and guitar-playing and now has explored into working on the culture of a work place as officially the Culture Officer of Mountain Haven Development Inc.... and energy healing.

Cartoon lessons

Dick’s favorite victim-to-be Penelope Pitstop; Rufus Ruffcut on the Buzz Wagon; the Bullet Proof Bomb by The Ant Hill Mob (those cute little mosters called Clyde, Ding-a-Ling, Zippy, Rockets, Snozzy, Softy [yes, a mobster who doesn’t have the heart to be one]); Ring-a-Ding Convert-a-Car driven by Prof. Pat Pending, a vehicle that constantly changes shape and looked like some lab experiment; the Turbo Terrific driven by Peter Perfect, who was always trying to woo Penelope Pitstop; the Creepy Coupe driven by Gruesome Twosome (Big and Little Gruesome), their car looking like a haunted house; the Bouldermobile driven by the Slag Brothers named Rock and Gravel (these cavemen brothers powered their car by hitting their heads with clubs)…

Hurray for Goya!

Dark chocolates were so rare then and were only marketed by the expensive Belgian and Swiss brands such that while in college in Quezon City (when the only difference between you and the people who live in squalor is that you are in school and your board and lodging are all paid for by your parents), I’d wait for Rustan’s to go on sale and I’d get my hands on those huge chunks of dark chocolate bars at half their overpriced prices.