Conversation series: Imaginary monologue

What will you do if the current was too strong such that it looked like there was a sand storm at the bottom?

You simple fin back toward the beach and converse with a blenny. Yes, converse. And yes, a blenny. A fish.

Hey, there. Over here!

Yup, that was me.

You can come closer so we can hear each other better, you know…

Is that the closest you can get?

C’mon, don’t be afraid…

Hmmm… that’s better. I can see you clearly now.

You’re a pretty big fish, aren’t you?

YOU’RE NOT A FISH? Errrr… what are you?

Oh, a human. Darn.

But you don’t eat blennies, do you?

I’m glad then…

By the way, what’s that in your hand?

Oooohhh… a camera. What do you think of this angle then?

I can come out for a full body shot, if you want.

You don’t. You only want my face.

Yeah, I like my lashes, as well.

Thanks a lot then.

It was nice talking with you, too.

Bye! Hope to see you again, and soon.


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