Up close, close-ups

“I prefer my journeys into the natural gardens where the voice of the Great Spirit is heard in the twittering of birds, the rippling of mighty brooks, and the sweet fragrance of flowers. If this be Paganism, then I am honored to be called a Pagan.” — Glenn H. Welker

NOTHING beats the feeling of seeing small critters and nature’s details. The greater fun, however, is in being able to stalk these in their natural surroundings. Thus, every chance I get I hunker down and look for the bugs and the unusual patterns that many would not even have noticed.

Except that, normally when I am in areas where the bugs abound, I don’t have any tripod. No make that, I rarely remember to bring a tripod because my photo safaris are in places where you have to travel as light as possible. Now, lugging around a camera bag wouldn’t pass as travelling light. Ergo, the first item in the unnecessary list is… a tripod.

It makes for a more exciting shoot though, for you struggle not only with the breeze and the flight distance of insects, you also have to deal with slight body movements that are magnified a hundred times.

Maybe in one relaxed safari, I’d finally get to hunker down with a tripod and a flash trigger and a macro ring. In the meantime, I’m enjoying my hunts that take on the elements as they are in nature.


4 thoughts on “Up close, close-ups

      1. wow i was just looking through your blog, and im originally from the philippines too! Im from manila though, but i moved to australia when i was 10.

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