A good morning

It was our first morning in Liloan, Cebu. I haven’t quite shed off the weariness of regular work, and so was not willing to wake up by sunrise to greet the morning hello, despite the encouragement of the caretaker outside our room the day before. It’s beautiful at sunrise he said and there are a lot of birds.

Nah! Sleep is more precious…

Thus the lightening of the sky didn’t bother me as I snuggled on. I did peep out of the window just beside my bed where mangrove trees were waving and saw something else…

Is that a bird? I asked myself as I squinted through sleepy eyes.

It is a bird!

Making sure I didn’t make much of a movement that the bird can detect, I grabbed my camera, opened the glass window, and clicked and clicked.

I admit there was that strong wish that I had a more powerful lens (the few times I wished I had something with a longer range than my stock 18-200mm, that is). I merely acknowledged the thought and let it pass, as I acknowledge and let pass thoughts that I find causes me distress.

From behind me, the sliding door of the room opened. My roommate and a fellow journalist had just finished their morning walk and greeted me in a louder than normal voice; I let the distraction pass as well. The bird didn’t.

It was startled and took flight. Fast.

So fast, there was just time to click but not to change settings.

But, who cares.


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