It’s the craft, not the medium

My message to third year masscom students of Ateneo de Davao University last Thursday that many other aspiring journalists and practicing journalists can learn from:

In today’s world, the medium should not be a big deal. It’s the craft, skills and discipline that you have to develop and hone because the media and the tools of the trade are changing as we speak. Sun.Star’s livestreaming of Araw ng Dabaw last March 14-16 just proves that. We are not shifting from print to broadcast, we are just using the technology that can enhance our means of communication, cheaper broadcast included (no high-tech multi-million cameras and expensive talents and artistic directors, not even one single dancer; just a computer, an IP cam, and a tablet; technology that everyone can soon have access to, like maybe by next year).

This is today’s technology, we are just cruising along with it. The medium can and will change, and will keep changing, but the brain power, skills, attitude, and dedication required will relatively be more constant.


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